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The Funding Document Form

The Funding Document form is the main document used to record client funding in ITSS. It tracks the client and GSA contact information for the particular funding, as well as BOAC codes. The Funding Document also keeps track of the total amount available from the citations under it, as well as all the orders in ITSS that have been linked to it.

Related Tasks
These are links to step by step instructions for tasks that can be done on the Funding Document form. Click on the blue, underlined text to open a desired procedure document.
Edit a Funding Document.
Add BOAC Info from BOAC Pick List.
Attach file(s) to the Funding Document.

Form Description

The Banner Image
The banner image identifies what form or view you currently have on your screen - in this case, the Funding Document form. It also serves as a link. If you click on the image, you will return to the Funding Interface Page.
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The Banner Image
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Below the banner are four header bars that provide access to different on-line information resources.

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Form Buttons
At the top and bottom of the form you should see a set of brown buttons. Each one of these buttons performs a specific function when you click on them, such as saving information or composing a new form (see example).
The Submit and Close buttons are visible when a form is in Edit mode.

You will see a different set of buttons at different times, as they are contingent on your access level, the status of the form, and whether the form is opened for editing or reading.

Required Fields
Any field marked with a yellow dot ( Yellow Ball ) needs to be filled in. When you submit the Funding Document, the system will give you an error message if any of these fields are left blank or in the wrong format.

Section & Field Description
The fields and sections are described in the order that they appear on the form. You may not be able to see some of the fields mentioned here as many parts of the form depend on the status of the document and your access type (client, contractor, or GSA).

Funding Document #: Enter the funding document or MIPR number in this field. Please note that funding documents can not have the same funding document number. Funding documents are regionalized and currently, ITSS and ITOMS does not support shared funding. Therefore, only one region can have the funding document with a particular number. Other regions using the same funding document need to add a "-RX" suffix (X being their region number, i.e. R10) or some other marker that makes it different that the original funding document number.

Amendment #: Unless you are entering a funding document that was amended prior to being entered in ITSS, leave the Amendment field as "00". The Amendment # will be updated automatically when an Amendment form is submitted for a citation under the funding document.

Current Amount: This is the dollar sum of the starting amounts for all the citations under the funding document.

Total Dedicated: This is to dollar sum of the amount dedicated from the Current Value.

Total Available: The difference between the current value and the total dedicated.

Region: When first created, the funding document should default to the region you belong to. If not, or if you are creating a funding document for another region, select the appropriate region from the drop menu. Be extra cautious to select the right region. If not, the funding data will be exported to the wrong regional ITOMS server and you will have access authorization problems.

Date Created & Last Changed: These dates indicate when the funding document was entered into the funding database and when it was last modified. These fields are updated automatically by the system.

Financial Point of Contact (Financial POC) Information
The Financial POC is the individual in the government agency submitting the funding document who should be contacted for questions regarding the funding on the funding document. The Financial POC's name and phone number are required. If you have the Financial POC's e-mail address, enter that in the appropriate box as well.

Technical Point of Contact (Technical POC) Information
The Technical POC is the person from the government agency who should be contacted for inquiries regarding the scope of the project or fund. Enter the Technical POC's name, phone number, and e-mail address if you have this information available.

Funding Document For
This section lists the agency and client organization that submitted the funding document. These fields are filled in by selecting a client representative for the organization from the Client Pick List.

Client Rep Name: The name of the selected client representative will appear here.

Client Organization: Should contain the name of the selected client's organization as it is entered in that client's registration account. Make sure this is the same organization listed on the official funding document sent by the organization.

Client Phone: Contains the office phone number of the client representative. This is the number that the client entered in his or her registration account.

Client Code: The client code is a tracking number used in ITOMS. The client code is assigned to a client when their organization is registered.

Client Order ID(s): Any ITSS Order ID that has funds dedicated from the citations under it will be listed here.

Funding Document From
This section lists the agency that submitted the funding document. The agency and the organization fields must be filled in. Complete the other fields if you have the information available.

Agency: Select the government agency submitting the funding document.

Client's Signee: Enter the name of the authorization official for the agency. The authorization official is the person who has the authority to obligate funds for the agency.

Organization: Enter the organization or unit under the agency submitting the funding document.

Street Address, City, State, Zip, and Direct Phone: Enter the appropriate information in each field.

Acceptance Information Copy To
This section indicates the mailing address for the acceptance letter of the funding document or citation. Usually this is the same as the information in the Funding Document From section. If so, click on the blue button "Copy From Fund Doc Info" button to automatically copy and paste the Funding Document From section into the Acceptance Information section.

Billing Office Code Information
BOAC stands for Billing Office Address Code and these are the code and address the GSA will bill to. The fields here can be edited on a brand new funding document. Once the Funding Document has been saved, you will not be able to edit these fields. To change the data, you need to use the BOAC Pick Lists.

BOAC-1: BOAC stands for Billing Office Address Code. Military organizations should indicate their Dept. of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC). DODAAC is the address that the GSA should bill for On-Line Payment and Accounting Collection (OPAC).

BOAC-1 Bill To, Billing Office, Street Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone #: Manually enter the information or use the BOAC selection list feature to automatically insert the address information into these fields. See the Related Tasks section above to see more details about the BOAC selection list.

BOAC-2: Usually this information is the same as the BOAC-1 section. If this is the case, click on the blue button labeled Copy from BOAC-1. Military organizations should NOT use the BOAC-2 field as a DODAAC.

BOAC-2 Bill To, Billing Office, Street Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone #: Manually enter the information or use the BOAC selection list feature to automatically insert the address information into these fields. See the Related Tasks section above to see more details about the BOAC Selection List.

GSA Internal Client
This section should only be used when the funding document is for the General Service Administration itself. It is only visible if the Funding Document For section's Agency field is set to "47 General Services Administration." The fields are for internal GSA funding information.

General Comments: Add any additional remarks in this box.

File Attachments
The Attach Files icon can be used to attach or upload a scanned image file of the official funding document and other relevant files to this funding document form. See the Related Tasks section above for specific instructions for attaching files
Attach Files Icon
The Attach Files Icon

Delete Comments: This box is only visible if the "Delete this Funding document?" box is checked. Enter comments explaining why the funding document is being deleted here.

Update Funding Table(s) in ITOMS?: Only visible after the funding document has been sent to ITOMS. Clicking this box will mark the funding document to exported again. The export program runs hourly.

Do Not Update Funding Table(s) in ITOMS?: Is only visible if the funding document has not been sent to ITOMS yet. Clicking this box will prevent the hourly export from sending the data to the regional ITOMS table until the Funding Document is edited and the box is unchecked.